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Brick Pigments

Brick Pigments



We are Color Experts

Southern Color N.A. Inc. is headquartered in Cartersville GA. As a part of Rockwood Pigments we are the second largest producer of synthetic iron oxide pigments in powder, granule and liquid form. Southern Color is dedicated to delivering exceptional value through continued leadership in customer service, quality, on-time delivery and innovative technology.

Spectra™ Body Colors, Spectra™ Engobes, Spectra™ Flash Colors, Spectra™ Additives
We have been supplying quality products to the brick and ceramic industry since 1981. In 2009, we introduced the Spectra color line. These products along with others were developed with the end user in mind. Our experienced lab personnel, service, as well as rigid process controls consistently deliver quality products to the end user.

We have access to numerous construction related minerals, pigments and additives used by, but not limited to, clay brick, ready mix, roof tile, and ceramic tile industries.

As a supplier of quality raw materials, application technology, and the ability to work with your plant personnel Southern Color is the right choice for your color needs.


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